31 Okt 2011 | 11:49 PG | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum smue -_-''
mieymod xbape sihat laa hari niey..mieymod demm
tpy mieymod nk cite pasal someone yg mieymod syg sygt2
name dy lion (bkn name sbnar)
mieymod sebenar nyh rindu kt dy laa..mieymod nk jumpe dy tpy dy busy xde mase nk date
lion:sygs nnty law ad mse kte kua sme2 ok sygs
hmm bile dy free???miss niey --'
rase mcm ape tah law dilamun cinte hehe
law bole xnk bepisah wlaupon 1saat rse mcm 1hari 
mieymod arap ubungan niey kkl wt slame2 nyh 
amin ^^''

 (eren -takkan berpisah)

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