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HaPPy FrIenDsHiP Day

Assalamualaikum and hai ^^

When you need to express your feelings and aren't sure how to do so, you may find yourself looking for friendship poems. Poems about friendship can help you say the words you want to say even in those times when finding the right words is a challenge.
There are times when a friend needs encouragement and a poem is the best way to share those supportive words. Other times, a friend might be moving away and you aren't sure what to say. Let a poem lift up both you and your friend.
Friendship poems can inspire you, warm your heart and offer hope in the best of times and in the worst of times. Use them to bring your friends closer together. Share them with others and brighten their day.
When you find the right words in a poem, they can convey so much more than perhaps a personal note could. Using eloquent language and a deep understanding of personal feelings is what friendship poetry does best.
Let your friends know how much they matter to you and share one of these poems with them.
Take a moment out of your day and select a poem to send to one of your friends. You might just make that person's day.

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